Information Assurance
NKI performs information assurance security services to the DoD, IC, and commercial partners.

Our team includes experienced and certified information security professionals with decades of experience working on high assurance implementations. NKI has nationally recognized experts in the field of cryptography, key management, secure product design, network design and management.

NKI has been on the forefront of cyber security and was instrumental in the development of securing our military’s internet security and key management. NKI is currently developing next generation techniques for detecting and reacting to threats, as well as developing next generation communications systems including secure key delivery and unmanned system security.

These services include:
  • Cybersecurity Engineering and Architecture Design
  • Secure Systems Design
  • Protocol Design and Analysis
  • Key Management System Design and Support
  • Policy and Operational Procedure Development
  • Malicious Code Development Analysis
  • Network Security Testing and Evaluation
  • Security Risk Assessment